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Pentamen home and office furniture

In Pentamen Furniture Store you can choose among popular furnitures of home and office use at fair prices and in excellent quality in an exclusive display hall! Those customers who are interested in furnitures for institutions or bigger plants can also find the best products at us.

Find the comfort in Your home...

Among the wide range of furniture there are also home furniture, leather and textile sofas, sitting room furniture, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, cupboards, dining room furniture, shelves, tables, chairs and beds the high standard products of Andante, Leonardo and the top design UFFIX brands! We also provide design and production of premium category kitchen furniture in the best quality!
Our professional colleagues make home decoration, as well as home and design plans. We are dedicated ourselves to help you find your way between rational and emotional decisions of home decoration with our best expertise.

Office furniture...

Ergonomy, comfort and solutions for individual demands, at a fair price, and excellent quality! Visit our center and let us to prove that Pentamen Office furniture make Your dreams come true! Pentamen Office furniture has been selling office furniture, chairs and plant furniture for 18 years. All the products of well-known producers are available in our great selection. During work we are aiming at creating practical, comfortable and integrated solutions according to the demands of customers. We are eager to meet the requirements of the customers with practical and comfortable solutions. Beside self-produced and distributed products we also offer other supplement products for reaching the comfort, a rack, waste bin, display panels and simple panels.


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