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Our qualified colleagues make home decoration and home design plans. Beside computer-based, three-dimensional, photorealistic (CAD) design we also provide hand made plans and aquarelles.

Home design

After completing the design our company also provides construction works and building engineering services.

Home decoration

We provide a complete home design in accordance with appropriate home decoration. Home design includes carpet installment, furniture, curtains (see shade technology) lighting, decoration and placing plants and flowers.

Office decoration

Within home decoration we also furnish offices, common places, meeting rooms, receptions and waiting rooms. Office furnishing includes carpets (installing office fitted carpets), furniture upholstery, shade technology (office shade), visual technology as well as office decoration.

Visual technology

Our company distributes education technology products for giving presentations, the entire range of written and projected communication. (Flipcharts, writeable magnet boards, screens, OHP, projectors, etc.)

Floor paneling

  • Within the home decoration beside floor paneling we also provide high standard carpets. In our great selection the 100% natural sisal, coconut and sea grass carpets as well as the products of the products of NORDPFEIL factory. We offer carpets and fitted carpets, too. The quality of NORDPFEIL products meets the requirements of office and hotel application.
  • OBJECT FLOR PVC and rubber panels are suitable for office, medical and industrial use. Our company provides a complete design and implementation.

Shade technology

  • Practical solutions for shading office windows are the office curtains, venetian blind and roller blinds that can provide an economic use of natural light. Our company surveys, designs and implement the most appropriate technology for shading.
  • As a significant part of home decoration the curtains and drapes entirely match the furniture upholstery providing a complete home. Our colleagues perform drapery and implementation of the curtains. The products are provided by several national and foreign suppliers.

Lighting technology

In order to achieve optimal light distribution we perform a three dimensional computer design. The design includes the matching armature, chandelier, standing lamps etc and their quality is assured by the most popular producers.

Plant upholstery

  • For plants and factories we offer workbenches, container design, production and implementation either in individual design (antistatic implementation, compressed air connection, assembly line, etc.) as well as work chairs.
  • Dressing rooms, complete implementation of public places with sheet cupboards, dressing room benches and safes
  • Design and implementation of storing systems according to high standard logistic requirements (heavy - light scaffold systems)

Air-conditioning technology

In order to provide the best air-conditioning system in the aspect of aesthetic and economic expectations we assist our clients with technological consultancy and design. We provide a complete air-conditioning implementation and service and maintenance works.


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